John Williamson, BA (Hons)

has been taking photographs since the mid 1980's when he worked teaching photography courses at Lancaster's Bottle Shop Arts Centre. Since then John has worked professionally with;

E.M.I., Rolling Stone Magazine, The BBC, Q Magazine, Cerys Matthews, The Aliens, L.C.C., The Caves, Punch Taverns, Edinburgh Uni. and with many local news publications.

In another life John has worked as; a counsellor, a theatre technician and also as a professional musician.

'I take a lot of photographs, mainly to learn or for my own pleasure. I enjoy the challenge of creating a new shot. I think in terms of light & composition, subject matter & context when I work. Also, I love working with people. A great shot can be about anything; be spontanious or planned, technical, about mood or simply abstract, although a lot of good photographs come from an attention to detail, hard work & good production.'

'Life for a photographer can't be a matter of indifference.', Rob Frank.

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